6. Sappa Park & Wetlands

Sappa Park

Sappa Park and wetlands is located two miles east of the U.S. 36 and 83 intersection in Oberlin. A short, winding drive north off U.S. 36 will take the visitor past seasonal crops, a couple of houses and then reveal a canopy of trees shading the mile-long drive tOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAhat ends at the native rock Shelter House and bath with two huge fireplaces. Actual construction of the park and two dams started in 1935 under supervision of the Works Progress Administration and was not completed until 1938. Landscaping and improvement of the park area was handled under the direction of the National Park Service with the Civilian Conservation Crops assigned to arrive in February of the following year. Once operated as a state park it was turned over to the City of Oberlin in the late 60s when much of the needed upkeep and maintenance went undone. Now the area has been reborn with input from Pheasants Forever and local volunteers. There are currently eight walking, hiking, biking trails, hundreds of new tree plantings, an orchard, food plots for wildlife, camp fire rings, picnic tables and disc golf.