Dresden, one of the few towns to be surveyed and platted before a post office was established, became a town in May 1888, and a post office on October 3, 1888.

This little town of 175 people is one of the liveliest places in the county for its size.  It is on the Rock Island railroad, situated on the high divide between the Prairie Dog and the Solomon rivers.  As its name would indicate, the people around the town are mostly Germans, and a better class of citizens are not to be found in the state.  Frugal and industrious, they have been more than successful and the majority of them today are well off, have fine buildings, good horses, plenty of hogs and cattle, and are contented and happy people.  A large Catholic church a short distance from the town gives a majority of this people a chance to worship with the denomination of their choice.  A good public school is also sustained, where the children can be fitted for useful citizenship.  Land near this town is cheap and can be bought on partial payments, which gives a poor man a chance to get a home; in fact, this community will help a poor man if they see he is actually trying to obtain a home by hard work and economy.

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