Oberlin-Decatur Area Economic Development Corporation

101_0446The Oberlin-Decatur Area Economic Development Corporation provides a business enhancement center at 104 S. Penn where start-up businesses are located and mentored until the owners get their feet on the ground and have a strong business acumen to expand 101_0444and move out on their own. The non-profit corporation has several revolving loan funds available for gap financing. Both the city and county have approved Property Tax Abatement programs for eligible businesses. The county meets state requirements for the Enterprise Zone designation that offers income tax credits for job creation. The Kansas Department of Commerce and Northwest Kansas Planning Commission are part of the NetWork Kansas Entrepreneurial program that serves as a centralized resource to connect entrepreneurs and small businesses to the expertise, education and economic resources available throughout the state. Many statewide incentive and training programs can be viewed at Kansas Department of Commerce.


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