How do you feel the absence of a Swimming Pool would affect our community? 
“I believe that a swimming pool is very important to a community.  It allows the kids somewhere to enjoy the summer and it allows them to be active.  If there wasn’t a pool there couldn’t be a swim team either and the competitiveness of a swim team is important to some.  ”

“Not having a swimming pool would be a problem because young children, youth and adults would not have a place to spend their summer and would find other places to go.  Having a new pool would be a good way to get new people into the community.  This would also be an attraction for new families looking to move into the community.  We need to continue to find ways to grow our community or else the community is going to continue to decline.”
“Oberlin needs a public swimming pool!  It is something positive for the kids and families to do.  It keeps kids and families active.  It brings the community together.”
“There is not much in Oberlin for kids to do. What happens then? Kids get in trouble. There has been an increase in teen pregnancies, drugs, and drinking due to boredom. Thank goodness they have the movie theater now. “
“I feel it would have a very negative impact on the community  I feel the crime rate would increase because kids won’t have a place to go and hang out. I also think its important for mom to be able to take their young kids, and i know that some elderly in the community go swim laps! I feel it would hut the community tremendously.”
“When I think about all the time that I spent at the Oberlin swimming pool from elementary school through high school life guarding, I couldn’t imagine what I would have been doing all those hot summer days.  I believe the absence of it would be very detrimental to the youth of the community.  That swimming pool is such a positive outlet for kids to go and enjoy their summers and I know it kept me out of a lot of trouble when I was younger and will do the same for others. “
“I think it would be a tragedy. For example, it seemed like the whole town came together to put on the Oberlin swim meet. My Mom was president of the team one year so I saw first hand all the work that went into putting it on but also all the relationships that were created in the processes. For years after all of us had moved away they stilled called Mom to work at the clerk of the course when Oberlin put on its meet. The pool also provided more than one of my friends their first job – life guarding. It would be a shame to see that slip away from the Oberlin community.”
What positive memories do you have of the Oberlin Swimming Pool from the past or present?
“I remember my dad dropping me off at the Oberlin Swimming Pool when he came into town to go to the Sale Barn.  We lived in the country north of Norcatur so I only got to swim when we had to make trips to town.  What I remember about it was that it was always warm because it was heated and you could always find someone to play with!”

“I pretty much lived at the pool when I was a kid.  I would be waiting along with many others for the pool to open at 1:00. Then, at the first break at 3:00, I would leave to do a paper route.  If it was really hot, I would return until the pool closed at 5:00.”
“I remember spending every summer from the time I was little to the time i graduated high school at the pool. I was a pool bum if you will. I remember going in for swim lessons in the morning, going home till 1 then go back to the pool until it closed at 5 or 6 and then going home until it opened back up in the evening! It was an amazing place to be!!!”
“We spent our Summers at the pool from the time it opened until we left town.  It was a great place to cool off, hang out and splash water on the spectators who got too close to the fence.  It was the best Kid sitter my Mom had.”
“I literally grew up in that pool. We lived a block from the away and my Mother had me in the baby pool before I could walk. When I got older I was often there from the moment the doors opened until the final whistle blew. Playing there with my friends, learning to dive by watching the older guys going off “the tower”, vainly trying to figure out how to get the baby oil covered girls attention, and failing that getting them wet with a perfect “can opener” are some of my fondest memories.”


How did having access to the Oberlin Swimming Pool impact your life (mentally or physically)? 
“It was something to do. My parents got tired of me just sitting I the house playing video games. At least going to the pool I got exercise and socializing with my friends.  It is also a job for kids. Not many jobs for younger kids to work at!.”

“The pool kept me fit, and i loved swimming so i was able to do something i enjoyed. It also beat sitting at home and doing chores! or watching TV.”
“I think for me it was more of a mental therapy and a place for all that youthful energy to go. Water does something.  It lifts your spirit. Of course it also keeps you moving and in shape but more importantly water can be very therapeutic, and just plain fun…  Being a lifeguard also opened up the doors to teaching swimming lessons and helping kids learn more about water safety.  I now pass this same knowledge on to my own children and remember how rewarding it is to teach them and other kids in the community.”
“I joined the swim team when I was 8. I fell in love with competitive swimming and was a part of the team until I went to college at 18. I love to swim to this day and it’s still one of my fitness activities. Besides the physical activity of swimming going to swim meets throughout Western Kansas, even down into the Texas Panhandle a couple of times, allowed me to meet a broad range of kids my age and get a wider perspective than I would have otherwise.”
“My daughter has come to Oberlin to visit with her cousins that live there.  She has visited the pool and it is a great place for her to meet new friends and see friends she has met on other trips to Oberlin.  I really hope that Oberlin is able to make improvements to their pool.  I have been away from the area for 35 years and the pool looks the same as it did then.  Things need to be upgraded and I really think Oberlin would benefit from having a new pool.”

“I guess I would just urge people to think about when they were younger and how much fun being in water was/is!  To the little boy/girl it means the world to them just to be able to have that opportunity to go swimming.  So I say don’t let that opportunity disappear!  Thank You   -Ryan Cruse Auker”


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