Oberlin Swimming Pool

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124 S. Marks

Oberlin, KS 67749

Phone: 785-475-3112 or 785-475-2217 (city office)
Open – Memorial Weekend– Mid-August

Hours are:
11:00 a.m. to 12:00—adult swim
12:00-1:00—swim team practice
1:00—5:00—public swim
5:00—6:00—swim team practice
6:00—6:30—adult lap swim
6:30—8:00—public swim
Saturday—1:00-6:00—public swim
Sunday—1:00—5:00 and 6:00—8:00—public swim
Holidays—1:00—6:00 (Memorial Day, July 4th).
Fair week: Tuesday-Saturday: 1:00—6:00
Inclement Weather Policy: Please stay aware of the weather. If children are still at the pool when thunderstorms are approaching and the pool is closing, the staff will take any child not picked up, to their home and notify a parent or guardian.
We want all patrons to have a fun and safe time at the pool and will enforce discipline guidelines for all. Please go over the rules with your children. The first offense will garner a warning, the second one the person will be sat out of the pool for 15 minutes, and the third time the person will be asked to leave the swimming pool for the remainder of the day. Gentle reminders, if kids are not feeling well, please keep them home, especially if they have tummy or sore throat illnesses.

Please call for swimming lesson information.

Pool Hours, Fees and Rules