Swimming Pool History

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Oberlin, Decatur County Kansas, Thursday May 2, 1957

Two dozen men of the Nichols Construction crew Monday put down the concrete from the bottom and sides for Oberlin’s new swimming pool. The concrete was poured continuously, with men starting 9 a.m., finishing before 6 p.m. Ernest Nichols said work would begin on the wading pool and filter plant immediately.  Masonry on the bathhouse was nearly completed.  Flooring will be poured soon.  Originally scheduled to be finished May 20, the pool’s construction has been slowed by rains.  Nichols thought, however, with good weather a June 1 opening was possible. – Oberlin Herald…. The pool is for youngsters aged 4-7; there is a 20-cent admission charge.  The original wading pool will be used by children under four and will remain free of admission charge.  The new pool — 18-30 inches deep and 15×30 in dimension — ends a dilemma for youngsters who were too big for the old wading pool, too small for the swimming pool.  City council  let the wading pool contract to Nichols Construction Co. in May.

Oberlin Herald May 7, 1925

Swimming Pool Started

Excavation has been started for the swimming pool in the southwest corner of the Chautaugua  park grounds. Frank Blanch is supervising the construction and D.G. Campbell and H.O. Benton are financing the project.  The pool will be oval in design approximately 100 x 80 feet in size.  Shallow at the edges for the little folks and gradually deepening to a depth  of nine feet at the center.  Will be of cement construction and surrounded by a cement walk.  Dressing rooms and toilets will be provided for both sexes and everything will be properly finished up. The estimated cost is right at $6,000.00 and Mr. Campbell and Mr. Benton are to be commended on the public spirit they have shown in financing the project when once or twice before when proposed stock companies to finance like projects have failed to materialize.  Water mains are being laid at present to connect with the city water system at the east end of Hall street.

Oberlin Herald June 25, 1925

Enjoy Swimming Pool

The formal opening of the Chautaugua Park Swimming Pool Saturday attracted a big crowd of Oberlin people and outsiders and the pool was well filled all afternoon and evening. A band concert in the evening added to the pleasure of the occasion.  Sunday the weather was rather cool and the crowd was small because of it, but still the attendants were kept busy.  We are such a poor swimmer that we have decided to wait until the novelty has worn off somewhat and then won’t be so many around to make fun of our efforts to keep afloat.  The connection with the write-up of the opening of the pool we should state that we were in error last week in giving the size of the pool.  We said it was 90×60 feet and we should have said it was 120×90 feet; the deeper portion being 66×44 feet as we had it.  It is affording a gathering place for youngsters and a good many of the older folks have displayed a desire to get into the pool and have shown ability as swimmers which is absolutely unknown previously to acquaintances.

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