Registered Users Event Tutorial

Please visit the Suggestion Boxsection under Website Interaction, to be considered as an event contributor for the ability to add events to the community calendar on your own. Submit your info and pending my response you should be provided with the proper credentials to login to the site.

The very first thing you want to do to add an event is go to the following url and login with your new username/password





The second step is to go to the calendar page at the following url It should look something like this and you should have a black bar on the top of the page if you are still logged in.

logged in calendar page





The third step is to click the + plus button in the bottom right hand corner of the calendar







The fourth step is to name your event, type in the location, put the address in the map portion, choose appropriate time and date.  !!!IMPORTANT FOR RECURRING EVENTS!!! send me a separate email for how long the event recurs ,when and how long to the following address  !!!DO NOT USE THE REPEAT FEATURE IT SLOWS DOWN THE SITE TO A CRAW WITHOUT THE OPTION AVAILABLE OF SETTING AN END DATE!!!

add event








Select an appropriate pre-determined category by clicking them you should see a check mark next to the category you selected.









Last but not least upload a flyer or image of your event using the upload feature.

upload flyer









Upon approval your event will be published to the community calendar.

Thank you