Sappa Park Project

Photo by Amanda Sowers Photography
Photo by Amanda Sowers Photography

The Sappa Park Restoration Committee is a committee formed under the City of Oberlin to restore Sappa Park east of Oberlin.  Sappa Park was a lake project which was construction under President Roosevelt’s orders under the CCC and WPA administrations.  It was then deeded to the State of Kansas and subsequently was turned over to the City of Oberlin after it silted in during the 1960’s.  The objective of the committee is two fold, one is to restore the historic WPA stone shelter house at the park and secondly it is to develop the remaining lake property into an area which can be enjoyed by residents of the entire area.

The original plan presented to the City Council was to restore the shelter house, shingle the shelter house roof and restore the interior, add new restrooms, shower facilities, a visitors center, and restore the stone fireplace in the main room of the shelter house.  Also, plans were being drawn for a water habitat where the old lake bed is.  In addition to wildlife conservation, fishing, canoeing and a sand beach for swimming would be built immediately in front of the shelter house.

At this time, the shelter house shingling has been completed, the wetlands,  restrooms, playground, walking trails, 14 R.V. spots some with 30 AMP receptacles and some with 110 volt boxes have been constructed and general cleanup has been done.

Right now the committee is focusing on making the trails “all-weather” with some sort of paving surface and continued restoration of the shelter house.  Continued work to develop camping sites will also continue.

Funds are needed for these continued projects as well as volunteers to help restore and maintain the park.